Scottish Programme and Project Managers Group

This started as a water cooler conversation with a colleague who was asking jokingly if I could think of an interesting and useful session which could be delivered to a varied group of people from the world of project and programme managers to help them develop approaches to problem solving, as he had been let down by a presenter. Taking on board the key requirements he was looking for, as well as the time I had available to develop and deliver it I designed a short interactive and practical session titled “Creative solutions to common problems”. I may have been a last minute filler for the session in 2018 however the evaluations were excellent and I was invited back again in 2019.

The attendees were not a team, most did not know each other, they ranged from students to senior managers, however once the common problems were identified by them, all bought in to contributing solutions. I facilitated a session where they were all involved – there were around 30 people, I had an hour.

Some of the comments from attendees at the 2019 session:

“Favourite session. Energetic and kept interest. Looking forward to using the techniques.”

“Engaging facilitator and excellent methodology.”

“I thought that the Creative Solutions to Common Problems session was fantastic!”

“Really well presented/facilitated. A very interesting and useful subject.”

“Session was interactive and interesting and the presenter was engaging. There were tangible things to take back to my work.”

“Fiona is very passionate about this and that definitely came across. Would love to have had more time.”

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