Why Pink tree?

What does it symbolise and why are we called Pink Tree?

The cherry blossom tree has different meanings and interpretations in different cultures. The blossom only appears for a short time, a reminder to focus on what is around us.

Throughout Japan, the cherry, or ‘Sakura’ tree is representative of new beginnings and revival.

In Western Culture, the gift of a cherry tree is said to bring good fortune and future happiness.

To me, working in the black and white world of national police leadership training at the Scottish Police College for 14 years the giant pink tree which grew beside the parade square had a different meaning. Every spring when it burst flamboyantly into bloom was a reinforcement that it was good to be different, to stand out, to challenge the norm and to question if we could do things differently and better, not everything had to be uniform.

Police training is understandably a serious matter and whilst I took my responsibilities seriously I never took myself too seriously and that big pink tree cascading blossoms onto the parade square reminded me to always think differently.

Having spent a year at University studying leadership and innovation at Masters level I still believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently, and the many years of training and developing police leaders have given me an extensive range of tools and techniques. Using, amongst others, design thinking techniques and creative facilitation skills which have proven effective in many challenging situations. I will work with you; your team; your business area; your organisation to develop innovative approaches and plans of action to solve your problems and challenges.

As such, I offer a number of options in workshop/training session/group work. Each of these would be designed to meet your unique requirements. What is standard is that it would be challenging, it would be fun and it would make you and your team think differently.

If you would like to hear how, then please get in contact, I look forward to speaking with you.

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