There are a number of important branches on the pink tree which explain our values.

Unique design

Just like every tree; every organisation, every team, every leader and every situation is different. Unless we think we can design a workshop or a training session or group work solution which will work for you and which you are happy with in your unique situation, then we won’t. We do not deliver ‘standard’ programmes each is bespoke to meet your needs which is why we ask that you contact us to have an initial conversation.

Teach a man to fish

(okay it’s not a tree one but you could make a fishing pole from a tree branch!) It is an often quoted expression – If you give a man (or woman, obviously) a fish he or she will eat for a day, but if you teach them to fish they will eat for a lifetime.

Regardless of whichever approach we agree on we will leave you with the legacy of the tools and skills you need to use them again, if you choose to do so.

Every twig has equal value

Together Each Achieves More? There is no ‘I’ in team?… what I am trying to say is, as a very experienced facilitator dealing with some pretty challenging groups, I use my skills to make a significant difference to the contribution and involvement of everyone present. Each person has an equal voice and it is often surprising who actually comes up with the most innovative and workable solutions.


Like the blossom, life is short, let’s not waste time in misunderstandings and miscommunication – we bring energy, fun, creativity and play leading to increased respect, greater understanding and appreciation of each persons strengths into the training room and beyond. If you would like to get to the ‘roots’ of how we could support you develop your team, your leaders and/or your leadership approach then please get in contact so we can have a conversation.


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