I’m excited about going live ‘officially’ with the website, I want to keep it alive and interesting, not just a static “Who are Pink Tree Training and what is it that they do?” type of thing, which I think would be more of a brochure than a website and that isn’t what I want this to be? My trusted (and exceedingly clever) adviser tells me it can be informal and help people understand a bit better who you are, that sounds like a good thing, I think. She also tells me I need to learn how to use WordPress…this is the first challenge so if you are reading this then I have succeeded.

Next up I am going to try to outline what it is we can do for you. If you are curious, start by having a look at the case studies, whilst these were in my previous role and sum up what I could do, I have new skills too and will outline how these have built on my past approaches.